'Skywalker' Ambient Mix שירים להורדה
Published: 3 months ago By: Ambient

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Glad to introduce you a new massive Ambient Mix. Immerse yourself in this three-hour journey. Thanks everyone. Hope you enjoy it ✌️
Download: https://soundcloud.com/ambientmusicalgenre/skywalker-ambient-mix
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📃 Tracklist:
00:00 ONSOHO - Garden
02:40 Ed Carlsen - Otto (Steve Gibbs Remix)
07:01 Beyond the Waves - Eternal
11:06 Kazukii - Passion
13:38 Need a Name - Today, I'll Talk to You This Way
17:42 Hyphex - Fading Light
21:18 Mvnners - Camden
26:37 Kisnou - Cycle
30:33 Josh Leake - Don't Wake Me Up
35:03 Matt Emery - Empire (Daigo Hanada Rework)
39:01 Wezi Mkandawire - Oh The Wonder
42:22 Blure - Embrace
44:32 We Are All Astronauts - This Too Shall Pass
48:24 Trazer - Space
57:17 Osk - Without Light
01:00:59 Michael J. McDonald - The Greatest Gift
01:05:45 Bedroom - A Subtle Lapse In Time
01:09:21 Arros - Something Close
01:14:58 Borrtex - Snowflake
01:19:02 Dexter Britain - Sleep Walker
01:23:21 Fading Language - On Something To Which I Won't Admit
01:25:45 Where the Good Way Lies - Silent Night
01:29:52 Tambour - Silhouettes
01:37:07 Sylvester G. Faustmann - Engage
01:41:02 Magdalene Flowers - I Watched You Bleed With My Hands Bound
01:47:57 Kisnou - About Us
01:52:27 Sensitize - Cryo
01:55:59 Michael FK - Still Life
01:59:28 Flame Shapes - Beginnings
02:02:45 Elskavon - Dusk Line Hills
02:06:35 Endless Melancholy - These Gloomy Days
02:13:03 Sean Williams - Rise
02:15:50 Ikson - Youth
02:18:10 Jameson Nathan Jones - Fallen (feat. Hannah Sumner)
02:23:20 Lowercase Noises - Post-Meridian (Live)
02:29:45 Delectatio - I Wish
02:35:45 Resonance - Ozean
02:38:23 Tom Hartney - Moonlight
02:41:24 factory - forgiven
02:43:33 Dead Gravity - The Town Where Only I'm Missing
02:45:55 Salt Of The Sound - Be Still, My Soul
02:49:30 Kazukii - Hope
02:52:05 Antarctic Wastelands - Hidden
02:54:28 Whithe - Smothers

📷 Picture by Marc Zimmer

ONSOHO https://soundcloud.com/onsoho
Ed Carlsen https://soundcloud.com/edcarlsen
Steve Gibbs https://soundcloud.com/stevegibbs
Beyond the Waves https://soundcloud.com/gbcinematic
Kazukii https://soundcloud.com/ohthatkazuki
Need a Name https://soundcloud.com/needanamemusic
Hyphex https://soundcloud.com/hyphexx
Mvnners https://soundcloud.com/mvnners
Kisnou https://soundcloud.com/kisnoumusic
Josh Leake https://soundcloud.com/joshleake
Matt Emery https://soundcloud.com/mattemery
Daigo Hanada https://soundcloud.com/daigohanada
Wezi Mkandawire https://soundcloud.com/wmkandawire
Blure https://soundcloud.com/bluremusic
We Are All Astronauts https://soundcloud.com/weareallastronauts
Trazer https://soundcloud.com/trazermusic
Osk https://soundcloud.com/osk-music
Michael J. McDonald https://soundcloud.com/saylor-media
Bedroom https://soundcloud.com/bed_room
Arros https://soundcloud.com/arro5
Borrtex https://soundcloud.com/user-910809074
Dexter Britain https://soundcloud.com/dexterbritain
Fading Language https://soundcloud.com/fadinglanguage
Where the Good Way Lies https://soundcloud.com/vince-rogers
Tambour https://soundcloud.com/letambour
Sylvester G. Faustmann https://soundcloud.com/sylwester-faustmann
Magdalene Flowers https://soundcloud.com/magdaleneflowers
Sensitize https://soundcloud.com/sensitize
Michael FK https://soundcloud.com/michaelfkofficial
Flame Shapes https://soundcloud.com/flameshapes
Elskavon https://soundcloud.com/elskavon
Endless Melancholy https://soundcloud.com/emelancholy
Sean Williams https://soundcloud.com/seanwilliamsmusic
Ikson https://soundcloud.com/ikson
Jameson Nathan Jones https://soundcloud.com/jamesonnathanjones
Hannah Sumner https://soundcloud.com/hannahsumnermusic
Lowercase Noises https://soundcloud.com/lowercasenoises
Delectatio https://soundcloud.com/delectatiomusic
Resonance https://soundcloud.com/resonancemuzik
Tom Hartney https://soundcloud.com/jazz-cat
factory https://soundcloud.com/factory-factory-factory
Dead Gravity https://soundcloud.com/deadgravityy
Salt Of The Sound https://soundcloud.com/saltofthesound
Antarctic Wastelands https://soundcloud.com/antarcticwastelands
Whithe https://soundcloud.com/whithe-sam

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