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✦✦✦✦✦ NEFFEX ✦✦✦✦✦

I said I got this
none of this radio pop shit
I drop this turning back the clock to rock shit
I cop it
said knock knock I’m on this
I’m hot bitch like a hot bitch that’s topless

I lock in i got this radio drop this
hot shit just watch this I fucking promise
too lit do not miss your chance to cop this
will you capture it or just let it slip awww shit
they say I wanna be em cuz my rap is tight
but really they just give a fuck that I ain’t black I’m white
I’m not anyone else man I’m one of a kind
so sit back relax and listen one more time

i love the girls, that fuck with my music
getting referrals from the girls love to booze it
party and lose it
that’s the life I’m choosing
not losing that’s my two cents go use it
you know I’m back as a matter of fact
I’m better than ever
never been better
I know that
I wrote that
sipping on some coke and oh jack
quit starring bitch
and take a pic, Kodak
I threaten the game
cuz money and fame
they don’t affect my brain
it’s fucking all the same uh
I’m sick of hearing bout these insta names
with insta fame take a pic sick ya lame
a quick fix to shame
ya lick dick for fame
a thicc chick is slain
that chick picked her lane
i think I’ve gone insane
I think I’ve lost my brain
and honestly
I’m a mother fucking novelty uh!

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