NEFFEX - Fade Away ⚡ שירים להורדה
Published: 6 months ago By: LikeDeadChannelMusic

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לבחירת שרתים שונים להורדה שיר

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and we could just fade away
into each other’s lives
and we could just fade away
until we’re all alright

just like bird I would like to fly away yo
off of this earth I would fly with the halos
dont know my worth but I figured out how pain goes
treat it as a curse or reverse it ok go
back to a time when I didn’t make choices
back to a time when my parents were my voices
back to a time when I used to take classes
back to a time when I couldnt really pass shit
it’s happens
try to figure out fate yo
I try to figure out hate yo
on the beach in San Diego
feet in the sand it’s late yo
moon up in the sky so high so bright
the only thing at night that can really shed light
and I wish I didn’t fight with my thoughts at night
I think that I’m alright but it burns inside
find a place to hide

and we could just fade away
into each other’s lives
and we could just fade away
until we’re all alright

I got too many thoughts in head
thoughts that I dread
opinions from my friends
this shit it never ends
I’m sick of all these trends
I’m sick of paying rent
I’m sick of growing up and not just knowing how it ends
so I plan with intent
today I make a dent
I’m gonna make it happen everything that I have dreamt
and my hand I extend
out like a friend
to anyone who’s ever felt lost in descent
yea let’s both repent
forgive and forget
and keep on moving forward till we do what we had said
yea we feast on the bread
we eat when we’re fed
and we need to go shed
all this doubt in our head
all this clout that I dread
is now where I head
but i Found out instead
that my voice it can spread
got a choice take a breathe
make a noise and forget
about any doubts we gon live with every breath

and we could just fade away
into each other’s lives
and we could just fade away
until we’re all alright

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