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✦✦✦✦✦ NEFFEX ✦✦✦✦✦

Tell me that you love me
tell me it was worth it
all the pain you caused me
i know that we weren't perfect
i feel i have a curse that
nothing i do works and
i know that you've been hurt
but i know we've had it worse yea

and I don't want to fake it any more than I have to
feeling tortured i grab you
try to snap us both back to
when i felt like i had you
it just feels like a bad mood
but youre turning your back soon
i've been stabbed in the back too

so it's over now
its over now
there's no way we can work it out
can't work it out
every word that's coming out your mouth
is filled with doubt
i don't have time to figure out
what that's about

i don't wanna break you down but i can feel your emotion
and there's nothing to open
i just think that were broken
i can feel the erosion
like the coast to the ocean
everyday were approachin
just another explosion

I just need to fall asleep
just need to fall asleep
i think i'm in too deep,
I just need to fall asleep
put my mind at ease
don't wanna think just breathe

every single day becomes another battle
I'm tired due to pain exhausted from the shackles
i feel you and distain for the time we unraveled
we'll never be the same call the case hit the gavel

I never thought it'd end like this
with a fight not a kiss
nothings right think we missed
all the pride that i ditched
cuz when i reminisce
every night felt dismissed
and i tried to forget
all the pain and neglect

i can't feel no more
i think you finally closed that door
i think you finally cleaned your drawer
i guess this is the price of war
and as i sit i write these chords
i still stay up at night of course
and think about what might restore
my heart so i can feel once more

I just need to fall asleep
just need to fall asleep
i think i'm in too deep,
I just need to fall asleep
put my mind at ease
don't wanna think just breathe

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Photo by Rana Sawalha on Unsplash

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