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Dxrk ダーク, real name Tahar Bendjedi, is an Algerian producer of hip-hop and rap music, more specifically phonk or drift phonk. He is best known for his single RAVE, released on March 18, 2022, which is one of the best known phonk music tracks. Bendjedi began his career in 2015, but his professional career began in 2021. Initially, he focused on classic rap, but this did not make him very successful. He decided to switch to phonk to make a breakthrough in his career in 2022.

אמנים דומים Kute, SHADXWBXRN, Kordhell, MC ORSEN, MoonDeity

  - Phonk Web 1:32
  - DO OR DIE 1:36
  - BETRAYED 2:45