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Electronic Dance Music that makes you want to dance like you just caught your dick in your zipper. “It’s Electro. It’s House. It’s Breaks. It’s Drum n’ Bass. It’s Bootlegs. It’s whatever I want it to be, whenever I want it to be, and whatever genre you want to call it. No matter what, it’s simply electronic music.” - This is what Detroit based DJ Ry Boelstler has to say about his independent music project.

אמנים דומים Shellshock (feat Jagan from Crytek), GrillMarketing, Josh Money, JiveTalkingChoirBoy, Daniel in the Den

  - HIT IT 3:56
  Big L - Hit It 3:55
  - I Hit It 0:05
  HIT IT - DADA 2:57
  - Hit It 3:38
  - Lets Hit it 1:15