KEiiNO שירים אמן

:אמנים דומים
שירים להורדה  ישירה

Keiino (stylised as KEiiNO) are a Norwegian electropop trio that focus around incorporating ethnic Sami elements into their music. The group consists of Sámi songwriter, rapper, and joiker Fred Buljo, and singers Alexandra Rotan and Tom Hugo. In 2019 KEiiNO won the 2019 Melodi Grand Prix with the song Spirit in the Sky and earned the right to represent Norway at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest. At the contest, KEiiNO placed 6th overall whilst winning the public televote and, in the process, achieved Norway's second best result of the decade.

אמנים דומים Ulrikke, Senhit, Raylee, Eden Alene, Stefania